Hey! I'm Sally.
Everyone else hates writing these things too, right?
A postgraduate conservation ecologist (fancy speak for someone who wades about in rivers, extracts DNA from bat poo - yes, really - and wants to save all of the animals), I live in East London at the moment but you can't take Wales out of the girl - chips and curry sauce anyone? I'll be turning 23 soon and I'm pretty upset that I won't be able to sing that Tay Tay song anymore... I like Starbucks soy lattes, Labradors and avocado on toast (#basic) but also cider, Kerouac and coding.
SSB started because I love to write, I take pictures everywhere I go, and have been messing around with websites since Matmice was cool in the early 2000's. I post about makeup, clothes, food, blogging and more so I hope you'll find something for you here on Sally Says Beauty! xo

Sally Says Beauty