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Transform your Skin in 7 Days with Ole Henrikson

I'm blaming the colder weather (not the wine, of course...) but recently my skin has been in definite need of some perking up so this cute little kit from Escentual came just at the right time! Ole Henrikson's 3 Little Wonders is a skincare set containing mini sizes of three of their bestselling products, which when used together claim they will overhaul your beauty routine, combat dryness and dehydration which could lead to premature signs of ageing, and transform your skin after just a week of use. The trio consists of a collagen boosting serum enriched with Vitamin C,  a nourishing lightweight moisturiser, and a soothing but exfoliating overnight treatment gel - sounded like all I'd need for a streamlined but effective skincare regime, so to put them to a fair test for seven days I used them pretty much exclusively - bar my normal cleanser and the obligatory Sunday night face mask of course!

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5 Packing Tips for Travelling with Beauty Products

Whether you're jetting off for a city break with only a carry-on bag of clothes between you and your boyfriend, looking forward to a cocktail filled fortnight with the girls, or packing all your worldly belongings into a massive rucksack and going it alone on the backpacking adventure of a life time, I hope these travel tips will help you save time, money and space when you're packing your beauty products.

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Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Well let's be honest, anything that involved beach rope instead of ribbon tying up the packaging was going to be a hit with me. I don't think Jo Malone have ever brought out a fragrance that I didn't like (that's a lie, what's with that Lime Basil and Mandarin one?! Do I just have a citrus aversion or does anyone else not believe it could actually be their bestseller...?) but this is definitely one of their best.

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