Transform your Skin in 7 Days with Ole Henrikson

I'm blaming the colder weather (not the wine, of course...) but recently my skin has been in definite need of some perking up, so this cute little kit from Escentual came at just the right time! Ole Henrikson's 3 Little Wonders is a skincare set containing mini sizes of three of their bestselling products, which when used together claim they will overhaul your beauty routine, combat dryness and dehydration which could lead to premature signs of ageing, and transform your skin after just a week of use. The trio consists of a collagen boosting serum enriched with Vitamin C,  a nourishing lightweight moisturiser, and a soothing but exfoliating overnight treatment gel - sounded like all I'd need for a streamlined but effective skincare regime, so to put them to a fair test for seven days I used them pretty much exclusively - bar my normal cleanser and the obligatory Sunday night face mask of course!

Ole Henrikson 3 Little Wonders Skincare Kit

It's recommended that you use the Truth Serum Collagen Booster in the morning and the Invigorating Night Treatment in the evening, following both with the Sheer Transformation moisturiser. I occasionally used the serum at night too, as a first step, because I wasn't using much other skincare apart from these products.

Starting with the Truth Serum Collagen Booster, this is the perfect morning oil for skin that's a bit tired or lacklustre. It's filled with Vitamin C and absorbs into the skin really quickly, leaving a refreshed and brighter complexion. I've really enjoyed using this serum, particularly in the morning, as it does noticeably wake my skin up and it feels so hydrating that I feel as if it's making a difference. The sample you get in the 3 Little Wonders set is almost 10ml and throughout this week I've hardly made a dent in the bottle, one pump is generously sized and just the right amount per application. 

The Sheer Transformation moisturiser, although lightweight once on the skin, has quite a heavy balm-like consistency in the tub. I really like this about the product, especially when using it in the evening as it feels super silky and nourishing, however I feel like it's better suited for my skin type as a night cream and an occasional morning moisturiser when my skin is really dry. I feel like my mind might change when the weather gets colder though, as it seems like it would be a perfect product for dry wind-blown skin! 

My favourite product of the three was definitely the Invigorating Night Treatment as I could notice the difference it made to my skin from the morning after the first use. It's a clear gel formula packed full of exfoliating AHA's which work overnight to resurface and smooth your skin. As soon as you apply this you can feel it tingling slightly so you can tell it's working straight away, and every morning I woke up with reduced blemishes, minimised pores, and just generally a more even skintone. You only need to use the tiniest amount to really see a difference, so I think this little pot will last me at least a good few months.

After 7 days my skin is a lot clearer than it was before as well as being quite a bit smoother and more hydrated. I really do think it's down to this 3-step regime - even if just as a result of using the Invigorating Night Treatment - and I'll definitely be continuing to use this lovely skincare set!

Let me know if you've tried anything from Ole Henriksen in the comments below and if you're feeling especially fab tweet this post and let me know! 

Transform your Skin in 7 Days with Ole Henrikson's 3 Little Wonders Skincare Set from Escentual