You spent HOW much on a lipstick? | Tom Ford Spanish Pink

Tom Ford Cosmetics Lip Colour in Spanish Pink Review & Blog Post

And the award for the most overpriced item of makeup goes to... The RRP of a Tom Ford Lip Colour is so downright ridiculous that I'm not even going to type it, mainly because I'm trying to pretend to myself that I didn't actually spend more money on a lipstick than I would on my weekly food shop. It's beautiful, yes, but I'm not totally convinced it was worth parting with so much cash - so what better way to try and justify a purchase than to blog about it?

First things first, the packaging. The tube is so gorgeous that I've been showing it off to literally everyone - cue squeals from my best friends and an eye-roll from my boyfriend - and of course there's that oh so satisfying click when you close the lid that you get with all the best lipsticks.

I had a bit of a hard time choosing a colour and the sales guy let out an audible sigh after I changed my mind for the third time while he was trying to get me to pay, but in the end I went for Spanish Pink, the classic Tom Ford 'my-lips-but-better' (no, but like, really better) shade. I probably didn't need another nude-pink MLBB lipstick but if I was going to spend the best part of £40 then I at least wanted something I'd get a lot of wear out of.

The formula is creamy and glides on to the lips easily - if only I could bear to use it from the front rather than the back to avoid ruining that perfect T - and while I'll be trying my best to ignore the Tom Ford counter and its extortionate prices for the foreseeable, these lipsticks are the ultimate treat-yourself purchase.

Next on my list is Pink Dusk - I better start saving...