The Beauty Box for Nail Polish Addicts

Please note, the products featured in this post are not cruelty-free. This post was written before I became vegan and stopped buying products tested on animals. I intend to delete all posts about non-cruelty-free products on this blog, however I am doing this over a period of time to limit the effect on my SEO. 

I've tried a couple of beauty boxes in the past, but always got a little bit bored - sure, it's lovely getting surprises and discovering new brands, but does anyone really have the time to try all of those products?! I'm sure almost half of what I've received in monthly boxes is sat in one of my many in-desperate-need-of-a-declutter makeup drawers.

But what I genuinely never get bored of, is getting new nail polish colours. I don't even paint my nails that often so it's ridiculous, I know, but I am drawn to that Essie stand like a magpie and oh there goes another 3 new shades for my collection. Okay, okay, so what I was saying before with never getting round to trying all those products? Well I'm pretty sure that there's a few varnishes in my overflowing nail box that I've never actually put on my nails too. But it's different, right? RIGHT?

Say yes please gals, I know you got me on this one.

We need to have every single shade under the sun just in case, yeah? What if there's an emergency and you desperately need that exact, pantone specific, colour to perfectly match your shoes/prosecco cocktail/new insta theme?! And really it's selfless, because they're not just for us are they? They're for our besties, our pre-teen nieces who just want glitter everywhere, and even our mums. There is NOTHING worse than going to someone's house to get ready and discovering your only choices are red, nude, or black. Come on gals, get down to Boots and stock up on some Barry M, gotta look out for your squad.

Nail Polish Beauty Box - Sally Says Beauty Blog

So the point I'm trying to make is when Nailbox contacted me asking if I'd like to try their nail polish subscription box, of course I wanted to straight away. 'Cause as I've just been waffling on about, we know there's just no such thing as too many nail polishes! Every month, Nailbox send out a lovely box containing five products, with three or four being polishes and one or two being nail tools or treatments. They never send the same nail polish twice, so you'll always have brand new shades to try out - perfect. The nail polishes all seem to be really good quality, I've seen Nails Inc, Essie, Seche Vite and China Glaze amongst others in previous boxes.

Every months Nailbox has a different theme, which I think is a nice touch. It means the shades you'll get will fit well with the time of year it is, as well as work well together if you want to use more than one colour on your nails. August's theme was 'Into the Sunset' and I thought the nail polishes matched the theme really well, being sunset inspired but also great colours to wear in the late summer sun we seem to be getting, or when going into Autumn if you're struggling to let go of the summer (I know I am!).

Nail Polish Beauty Box - Sally Says Beauty Blog

The first polish that caught my eye was a bright orange from Bourjois (shade name: orange creation). I love wearing orange on my toenails in summer, but don't have a shade as bright as this. It's a So Laque! Ultra Shine polish which is a range I've never tried but have heard so many good things about, so I was really excited to try this one.

Nail Polish Beauty Box - Sally Says Beauty Blog

The box also contained two beautiful O.P.I. polishes, which is a brand I used to absolutely love so I was pleased to see these too. There was a really lovely purple polish called 'Lost My Bikini in Molokini' (O.P.I. have the best shade names!) and a gorgeous gold glitter (Carrie'd Away) from the Carrie Underwood collection from Nicole by O.P.I. The gold looks like a much finer milled glitter than any I have, so I'm hoping it'll be easier to remove than other glitter polishes I have! The gold will look amazing layered on top of either of the other shades, especially the orange!

Nail Polish Beauty Box - Sally Says Beauty Blog

There was also a stamping tool inside the subscription box, with cute nautical symbols. The idea is you paint over the pattern you want to stamp, gently roll it over your nail and that's it! It seems so much easier than trying to do fiddly nail art yourself, especially if like me you're hands aren't very steady - too many soya lattes I think! There was also a white stamping nail polish included. I don't actually have a white nail polish, so I'm really pleased as this will be useful for french manicures as well as stamping and nail art. Both of these are by the brand Apharsec.

Nail Polish Beauty Box - Sally Says Beauty Blog

I really love the concept of Nailbox and am so pleased with all the products I received in my box. There's still time to get your hands on the September box, which I think I'm definitely going to order - the theme is 'Pumpkin Patch' which sounds like it'll include the perfect Autumn shades to match up with the return of my daily Pumpkin Spice Latte habit!

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