Lele's Vegan Cafe



Clapton, London

I've really liked Lele's cafe in Hackney for a while, usually popping in for a coffee when I'm passing and getting serious *heart eyes* at the cakes on their Broadway Vegan Market stall (scroll down to the bottom of this post if you want to see the prettiest brownies EVER), so I was really excited when they announced they were going 100% vegan. They kindly invited me down to try something from their new menu so I decided to go for brunch like the ultimate basic gal I am. Despite the weather cancelling half the public transport on the day I'd planned to go (thanks, TfL), when I finally made it there I was so glad I'd braved the snow! 

50 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0RN

Open from 7am weekdays and 9am weekends


But first, coffee, am I right? Lele's make a damn good oat milk latte (one of the best I've had!) and they also do coconut and almond milk, so basically all the good options. There's fancy lattes like matcha and turmeric here too, as well as fresh smoothies and juices, if one of those is more your thing.

As well as switching from a veggie/vegan menu to a fully vegan one, Lele's have also had a refurb. It's just as cute and photogenic as before, but now there's a bit more room on the ground floor level as they've moved the kitchen downstairs and added a few more tables. I'm really pleased about this as it was always what stopped me sitting in for a coffee when it was busy before. The owner and staff are super, super lovely and it also happens to have what is obviously the most important feature of any public place – dogs are welcome!


In terms of the menu, it's obviously been well thought-out and there's something for everyone, from croissants and chocolate cakes to protein balls and coconut yogurt with granola. They do VEGAN FRENCH TOAST (excuse the caps, just too excited to have found somewhere which sells this) which just sounds like the best thing ever to be honest, avo on toast (of course) and the full english looks great too.


When it came to actually ordering food, I pretty much had to get pancakes (although that french toast was a close second!). They're buckwheat pancakes which are served with raspberry compote, coconut cream, banana and cocoa nibs. These were a) honestly the most delicious pancakes I've ever eaten and b) by far the most beautiful breakfast I've ever eaten! Seriously, so pretty. The pancakes are fluffy and the toppings were the perfect balance of sweet and tart. They were also so filling that I didn't need lunch, which is pretty unheard of for me...


So pretty, right? I've been daydreaming about those pancakes basically every morning and I'm seriously considering buying some edible flowers just to make my breakfast of almond butter toast look nicer... I'm already planning when I can go back for lunch, as the fresh salads and sandwiches out on the counter always look amazing. You can find the full menu here, but it'll definitely make you hungry so don't say I didn't warn you! There's also a few more snaps on my Instagram Story Highlights (*shameless plug*) if you want to check those out.

Oh and before I go, I told you the cakes were Insta-worthy!

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